14th Jul 2018, 7:24 PM Welcome Loyal Fans and/or Internet Weirdos!

Welcome everyone to my first, OP Super Powered Turtle’s Comic related blog...

Well actually welcome to my first blog ever. Yayyyy! If you are reading this you are awesome.

As some of you might of noticed, Super Toby had a really long "short break". As some of you might also know, Australia has terrible internet.

After ADSL was cut off where I live, my house was plunged in to eternal darkness, a shadow cast by a lack of internet. Recently, I have acquired the “blessing” of the NBN, allowing me to upload again. Well, enough excuses. Super Toby will be uploading once a day again, at least until he needs another break (isn’t this comic so reliable?). Super Toby has given me an excuse too, supposedly he couldn’t be bothered telling me about his escapades. The “Super” in Super Toby obviously comes from “Super Lazy”. Well, that's all for now.


Moxvallix signs out!

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